Dr. Mom Medicine Cabinet List

Here is the list of items we went over at our workshop this past week.

Medicine Cabinet

  • Olive Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Yarrow, SuperImmune, Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon, Goldenseal, Feverfew in Extract or Capsules
  • Silver, Probiotics
  • Peppermint, Thieves (like), Respiratory Blends, Frankincense, Lavender EO’s
  • Ginger, Cayenne Powders
  • Epsom and Pink Salts
  • Medicinal Herbal Tea blends
  • DE, Bentonite Clay, Charcoal
  • Coconut Water
  • Cayenne, Lobelia, Shepherd’s Purse extracts


  • Aloe Vera
  • Comfrey paste (raw honey) or B&W salve
  • Lavender, Peppermint EO
  • Comfrey, Plantain, Burdock, or Grape leaf
  • Non-adhesive dressings
  • Paper tape
  • Gauge wrap


  • Sodium Ascorbate
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Steri-strips
  • People Paste (BYOD recipe)

Nutrition 101 for Kids

One of the requirements for high school graduation in our state is in nutrition and health. Unlike the modern and highly incorrect dietary information that is current with our cultural teachings, I put together a reading program for the Real Health and Nutrition minded family. I have found several books useful for various age-levels as well as documentaries that I require of the course for the high school student. Here are a list of books we use in order of simplicity:


  • The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook For Children – by Suzanne Gross and Sally Fallon Morell – this little jewel is like the original except that each section is written in a language an elementary student would readily grasp. Complete with easy recipes to follow, explanations about broth, real milk, grassfed meats, and the like, the book is spiral bound (handy for in the kitchen) and has colorful illustrations.
  • Nutrition 101: Choose Life!  – this is more of a classical textbook/workbook style format. It has a lesson that describes different body systems, how they function and what they need to function optimally. It has recipes, activities, and book references. We have used this for a homeschool coop class and liked it fairly well. I use it has a bare-bones book to give my high schoolers a bit of basic foundational knowledge about the body and nutrition. My only caveat is that there is no real discussion about the importance of raw dairy, sourdough bread or grassfed proteins. These key points I would be sure to have covered through the documentaries and other books.
  • From Scratch – Easy Recipes for Traditionally Prepared Whole-Food Dishes – by Shaye Elliott. This book I originally bought as a basic cookbook for my budding 9 year old chef. She wanted written out recipes she could follow. The book is a little over her reading level, but with guidance she is able to find what she needs. The photography of the farm is beautiful and the recipes are fun.
  • Nourishing Traditions – by Sally Fallon Morell and Mary Enig. This book is THE staple of nutritional education. It covers what is wrong with the SAD approach and explains why traditional cultural foods are nutrition supreme to our “modern” food industry. A must read for all older students (and adults).

Additional Reading: If there is enough interest, I have them read the Omnivores Dilemna, The Untold Story of Milk, and The Maker’s Diet.

For documentaries: see my list of documentaries here and I usually require 2-3 for the credit. I also encourage them to watch the Nourishing Our Children documentary.

Throughout the year I like to have them tell me about the book, write up a review, or just have a conversation with me about what they learned. I love that I can share what I have studied over the past years with my children, that it has become just the way it is instead of un-learning years of harmful habits and struggling to replace them with healthy new ones. God can use our mistakes and turn them around for a blessing to our loved ones and even stretch out to those our children will eventually bless in their lives. God bless your endeavors!


Overcoming Colic Naturally

Dealing with colicky babies can be quite maddening. Poor babies with upset tummies who won’t sleep, cry inconsolably for hours, cannot sit in a car seat without crying constantly even on the smallest of trips. It is enough to drive any mama crazy! I have dealt with this with my past five babies. Getting to the root cause of the tummy issues is ultimately the key to helping the baby overcome this issue naturally. As with any issue, in order to heal completely and naturally, one must get to the source of the symptoms and resolve it in order for the body to repair and function as it was designed by our Creator. We have an amazing body that was created to heal itself when given the right tools and nutrients, clean out any hindrances, and heal any damage. Each baby is different and each situation warrants a slightly different approach, but here are some underlying root causes to consider and their natural solutions:

First, address the baby’s diet: if baby is nursing, this would be the mama’s diet. If the baby is drinking formula – the easiest to digest and assimilate with no digestive complaints is a goat milk based one. See the Weston A. Price video on how to make your own. For mama’s diet, here is a list of common offending ingredients that would upset baby and should be cut out of mother’s diet:

  • conventional or otherwise any kind of cow dairy (including milk, cheese, cream, ice cream, etc.)
  • wheat products of any kind (try sprouted flour or authentic sourdough instead)
  • corn products of any kind (look at your ingredients! A derivative of corn is pretty much all conventionally processed foods and restaurants)
  • spices (the orange, yellow and red spices)
  • soy products of any kind
  • citrus (lemons, grapefruit…)

I would highly recommend sticking to a Weston A Price lifestyle and diet as closely as possible while nursing. Your baby’s health is too important to leave to the Standard American Diet. It takes about 18-24 hours to get from mom’s digestive system to the milk, so if you think back to what you had for dinner last night (if baby is upset every evening) that might help.

A visit to the chiropractor regularly for a little while, or visiting a cranial-sacral chiro would be ideal as well. Many times the baby’s neck was misaligned in the womb or after with improper seating in car seats (or prolonged sitting time – babies do better being held than in chairs all day). This misalignment in the upper neck or even in the cranial will directly affect the digestive system and its ability to produce the enzymes and digest the food given. We had to visit a cranial-sacral chiro for our 6th baby and immediately after getting adjusted, he slept in the car on the way home for the first time ever and did not cry at all! He was 4 months old at the time. We had been to a regular chiro without those kind of results. Getting it back into alignment should make a dramatic difference if coupled with the dietary changes.


If you find that you’ve done all the above, and baby is still miserable, the following could be considered:

  1. parasites in baby’s digestive system (and other systems like the central nervous system)- very common to have gotten from the mother in utero or in a hospital setting;
  2. food allergies caused by nutritional deficiencies (most allergies need a nutritional counterpart to be able to be dealt with – make sure baby’s diet is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics via mama’s milk or otherwise);
  3. major toxins stuck in baby’s liver and digestive systems (and other systems) from a conventional diet from mother, frequent eating out on mother’s part, toxic medications given at the birth or during pregnancy, or vaccinations.

Recommended approached for each of the above issues:

  1. If baby has parasites, chances are mom has them too! The best approach is to find a natural health consultant who can use MRT (muscle response testing or applied kinesiology) to find out exactly what kind of parasites you’re dealing with and the correct herbal or eo combinations to kill them out – different kinds of parasites need different combinations and there is no “one size fits all” supplement for this. Precision Herbs is one company I have used for these type of issues with great success. Also, baby has to be old enough to use the eo’s or herbal combinations to kill them out. If baby is nursing, the mother can take the herbs for baby and pre-digest them for baby so to speak. But again, it is best to find a trusted natural health professional to aid in this process. (See contact page if assistance needed or Precision Herbs.)
  2. Food allergies can be addressed by detoxing out gently any allergens stored in baby’s system (either given through the umbilical cord or developed from parasites). There are herbal combinations that can be used – again see a natural health professional to aid in the selection. Also, filling any nutritional voids for baby is essential. Read up on the Nourishing Our Children website or Weston A Price for the most nutrient dense diet.
  3. For toxic overload, if baby is nursing, the mother can take a gentle herbal detox or detoxifying tea. This should be done carefully and only when baby is old enough for it (every child is different and ages range from 4-8 months). Seeing a natural health professional to get the right formula for mom and infant would be best to take out any guesswork.

For our children, they all had a parasite we had obtained from a highly polluted lake in Iowa. Many agricultural states have devastated eco-systems with lakes and land over-run with harmful pathogens because all the good ones have been killed off with harsh pesticides, herbicides, pharma drugs, and insecticides. The parasite had been everywhere, including in the reproductive system, which was why each of my following children (after we moved away from there) were affected. We have since killed out, detoxed and done much in the way of healing the damage caused from this seriously harmful pathogen. It has been a very long road, but I am grateful God led me to the answers to get to the root of the problem instead of just addressing the symptoms. Through our cleanses, herbal combinations, and eo’s, we have healed from IBD symptoms, bi-polar tendencies, major skin issues (like eczema, severe acne), hypothyroidism, low milk supply, major behavioral issues. low immune function, and much more. To God be the glory for giving us the solutions to all our needs before we could even ask. He loves to help His children who honestly seek Him for guidance and wisdom. May He bless your family with the direction and the right people who can aid in the healing process.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

For those healing from major inflammatory issues, but not necessarily needing a major IBD type diet, here are some guidelines to adhere to. Typically, when using this diet, it is most beneficial to be on a detox protocol, of either parasitic pathogens, or toxic medications, food industry toxins, etc. Getting the toxins/parasites/infection that are causing the inflammation in the first place is primary. The diet is an aid to help the body not be so stressed during this healing process. The duration of this diet depends on your specific healing protocol (anywhere from 2 weeks on).


  • Goat milk products – from grassfed, organic sources – raw milk, cheese, yogurts or kefirs
  • Soaked brown rice, oats, and quinoa
  • organic fruits, most vegetables
  • grassfed, organic poultry and wild caught fish (some people also test ok for beef, lamb and venison if made in a stew or soup)
  • pastured organic eggs
  • good fats – organic butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, palm, fermented cod liver oil
  • coconut milk – unprocessed, homemade no preservatives
  • coconut flour and organic nut flours like almond, macadamia, or cashew
  • soft beans like lentils and mung
  • raw honey and stevia
  • bone broth soups
  • raw vinegar
  • Real or Pink Salt


  • Pork, conventionally raised, non organic meats
  • cow dairy, any conventional dairy
  • nuts or seeds of any kind, raw
  • nightshade family vegetables (peppers – not hot ones, tomatoes, eggplant, etc.)
  • gluten containing grains of any kind (including fermented or sprouted)
  • corn or soy of any kind
  • no sugars of any kind (including syrups)
  • table or Kosher salt
  • any boxed or pre-packaged foods

That is basically it. For a more tailor fit diet, it’s best to have a MRT professional test to see exactly what would be beneficial for the individual. God bless your healing journey!

Spelt Sourdough Bread

This has become my staple recipe for basic sourdough. I use a Nutri-Mill to grind my spelt berries into flour. I use the Real Salt brand for our celtic salt, and filter the water through our Berkey. I feed my starter organic pastry flour from Azure. For the process on freshening the starter and benefits of sourdough, check out this post. I freshen my starter in the warmer months around 5pm and start the dough at 8-9pm. In the cooler months, I freshen my starter in the late morning sometime and do the dough later in the evening.


(almost ready to bake!)

Spelt Sourdough Bread

(enough for 4 loaves)


  • 5-6 cups active starter
  • 5 cups filtered water
  • 2 TB Real Salt
  • 14-16 cups spelt flour (check for right consistency as ever flour is different, especially the difference between freshly milled and not)


  1. Add ingredients as order above in mixer (I use a Bosch), adding flour 2 cups at a time or so.
  2. Mix ingredients until the dough is not too wet and not too dry (you’ll have to check it as you get at the end of the amount of flour added)
  3. Mix on setting 3-4 for about 5 minutes if using a Bosch and on a medium speed if using other mixer for about 7-8 minutes.
  4. Take out and place in fridge (in a plastic or ceramic dish, not metal).
  5. Leave overnight in fridge, next morning first thing take it out.
  6. Grease and dust bread pans (I use palm shortening and rice flour).
  7. Allow to do a second rising until it reaches just to the top of the bread pan (about 3 hours or longer in winter).
  8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 415 for 15 minutes.
  9. Turn oven down to 350 and continue to bake for another 30-35 minutes.
  10. Take out of pans and allow to cool on their sides (or if the bottom is quite browned, you can cool it on the bottoms).

Sprouted Chocolate Chip Cookies

In an effort to create recipes that are simple and utilize only a few items, I am modifying some of my baking recipes. My older children are in the kitchen more and needing recipes, so this is one we adapted for them to bake their own snacks.


(Caleb (13) making cookies – nevermind the morning mess on the counter)

Sprouted Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • 1 1/2 cup organic butter, (we like Rumiano from Azure)
  • 2 cups sucanat
  • 1 tsp pink salt
  • 2 tsp baking soda, aluminum free
  • dash stevia powder
  • 4 pastured eggs
  • 6 cups sprouted flour (we use one from Azure)
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. Mix butter and sugar together until smooth.
  3. Add salt and baking soda and mix until combined.
  4. Scrape sides and then add one egg at a time, mixing in completely.
  5. Add 1 cup of flour at a time until achieving a good firm consistency.
  6. Add chocolate chips (and any additionals – like nuts or coconut flakes)
  7. Mix the rest by hand to be sure all flour is off bottom of mixer bowl.
  8. Scoop out and bake cookies at 375 for 12-14 minutes.
  9. Cool and enjoy with some fresh milk!


Blast from the Past – Real Food Weight Loss

Was looking through old posts looking for a good “diet” to adhere to while one is trying to shed some unwanted weight. Here is a re-post from one I did two babies ago (yes, that’s how I count most everything, not years, but babies. Love them!)

The baby fat from this last pregnancy (#8) has been the hardest to lose! I do understand why. Many different organs and body systems have to be working correctly in order for the body to properly metabolize stored fat (on its own as designed, without extra metabolism boosters and dietary fads). The body naturally was created to desire to maintain a comfortable body weight – one just right for your body type. Not too skinny, not too heavy, just right. In order to obtain this, certain body systems have to be detoxed and working efficiently, or no matter the diet or exercise has little impact, so it seems.  Here’s the check list of important organs/systems to have in order for optimal weight loss:

  • Thyroid/Hypothalamus/Pituitary
  • Pancreas
  • Liver/Gallbladder
  • Colon
  • Lymphatic
  1. DO A MAJOR DETOX: A real simple way to make sure everything is working right would be doing an overall detox/cleansing program. Look for quality companies, no fillers, just herbs and foods. I like Garden of Life products,Nature’s Sunshine, Dr. Christopher or Dr. Schultze and the like. Check out the notes from our detox workshop and get on a good program.
  2. Check for specific problem areas:
  • Do you have a low thyroid? If so, get some sea vegetables to support it (Pure Herbs TW, for example).
  • Do you have low or high blood sugar issues? Get lots of protein, stay away from all sugar sources, and get a good pancreatic support (Nature’s Sunshine Pro-Pancreas, for example).
  • Do you have Leaky Gut? Get on the GAPS diet.
  • Do you have colitis or other colon issues? Do similar GAPS diet, but also take a colon support (Dr. Christopher, or Chinese Medicinal Herbal Combinations – see a local acupuncturist).
  • Congested Liver or Reoccurring Gallstones? Get a good liver support (Nature’s Sunshine has several, like this one. I am sure there are many others. OrGallbladder Formula). Getting that liver and gallbladder cleaned out will make a huge impact. Drinking 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil by Young Living or other reputable sources in water each day will also support and cleanse.
  • Over-worked lymphatic? Do some skin brushing, rebounding, lemongrass essential oil on the bottom of the feet twice a day, drinking green drinks (greens blended in the blender with water – up to a quart a day). Barley grass and other grass powders are also very helpful.


3. Stick with your Real Foods Lifestyle with these alterations:

  • Drink/eat only fermented fresh dairy – drinking raw milk has sugars we are trying to avoid at this time (think yogurt, kefir, soured cream)
  • Eat only sourdough or sprouted bread minimally (1-2 slices a day).
  • Eat 1 meal with properly prepared grains (like brown rice, soaked barley, or others).
  • Avoid starchy vegetables that would add to the sugar count (like potatoes).
  • NO refined Sugar at all – no sucanat, nada. Healthy sugar is fine when you get to your desired weight. For now, use Stevia – NuNaturals, without any flavorings or raw honey (if you don’t have high blood sugar issues).
  • Eat all the healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, properly prepared nuts/seeds, fermented, organic, preferably raw and pastured dairy and pastured, organic meats and eggs that you would like!

4. Moderate exercise: Try to get in some stretching, walking, playing with your kids, going on nature walks, doing some weight lifting with your older kids… you get the picture. Stay active. Use your rebounder for 5-10 minutes a day. It’s not about working out for hours.This is a life-style, not a diet. So, the exercise should be something you can do in real life, with all the kids, and in budget and within time restraints.

5. Take some Moringa leaf or other superfood multi-vitamin to be sure you’re filling in all the gaps, especially if you have one or more compromised systems you’re working on strengthening.

6. Keep eating your fermented veggies – these will act not only as an amazing food enzyme, but a probiotic and powerhouse of nutrients. Shoot for 1-2 Tablespoons each meal.

7. Be prayerful! Keep a thankful journal and stay connected to the Ultimate Healer for wisdom and guidance.

That’s it! Losing weight shouldn’t be so difficult. Clean up and avoid simple sugars. If you’re already on a Real Foods diet, this should be an easy move for you. If you’re still transitioning over to a Real Foods diet, keep at it! Learn all you can. Make those baby steps, or go major! Whatever is going to work for you.

**If you are nursing or pregnant, you cannot use the detox herbs. If you’re nursing or pregnant and want to clean up minimally, I recommend Detox + from Bulk Herb Store – something with just activated charcoal or bentonite clay in it. These will absorb toxins without circulating them to the baby. Other than that, do NOT CUT CALORIES. You can do the above Real Foods diet with the alterations, but never go hungry. Remember you have a little one counting on you! Eat extra helpings of soup, salad, yogurt, lots of healthy fats, etc.

God be with you as you go on your journey to complete health! Remember that weight loss is the added benefit of a healthy lifestyle and optimally functioning organs. Watch for healthy, nourishing sugar free dessert recipes. I started on this a week ago, so I will be posting recipes, like chocolate bars 😉