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Digestive Issues During Pregnancy

Each pregnancy seems to bring about its own cluster of health challenges. I say challenges, because I have found them to be just that. A difficult time that forces me to do more research, try different ways to heal, pray for answers, and focus on the positives instead of "complaining" to myself and God. This… Continue reading Digestive Issues During Pregnancy

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My Natural “Medicine” Cabinet Essentials

The best time to start an emergency, natural medicine cabinet is during the times of no emergency. I started out with just a few items and as I could afford each month I would order another few things to keep it growing. Thankfully today, I have cabinets full of medicinal herbs, tinctures, supplements, essential oils,… Continue reading My Natural “Medicine” Cabinet Essentials

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Dr. Christopher’s Plague Remedy

My mom was telling me about this amazing formula that the late naturopath, Dr. John Christopher created. She is taking an herbalist course with his institution and listening to his tapes. The story he gave was quite remarkable. What would you do if you couldn't go to a hospital or a doctor for a life-threatening… Continue reading Dr. Christopher’s Plague Remedy