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Wellness Quick Reference

Here is a quick reference for common remedies for various seasonal ailments. Wellness Care Cold: Elderberry, SuperImmune (Also similar to Dr C's INF) Strep/throat: Albizia, Goldenseal, Thieves, Frankincense eo Flu: SuperImmune (or Dr C's Super Garlic Immune), Goldenseal UTI: Goldenseal, Thieves EO, Pau d’Arco Sinus Infection: Echinacea, SuperImmune, Hyssop Yeast Infection: Can-Sol, Goldenseal Bowel Virus:… Continue reading Wellness Quick Reference

Herbs, Home Remedies

Basic Herbs for Common Ailments

Often as people are healing and detoxing out stored heavy metals and toxic poisons, stored bacteria and/or viruses are released and need to be killed out effectively and efficiently. Using medications with harmful side effects disables and works against the body's natural immune response and capabilities. Giving the body tools to overcome pathogens and invaders… Continue reading Basic Herbs for Common Ailments