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Summer Schedule for Education and Beyond

Warmer weather, longer days, colors blooming everywhere - it's officially summer here. As we have wrapped up our books for the past school year, it is time to get on with a new schedule. We educate year round. I mean, why not? Life is constantly happening, why would we stop learning? I also am not… Continue reading Summer Schedule for Education and Beyond

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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies – GF

It is such a beautiful day outside. The children are outdoors enjoying the spring sunshine. Though our schedule declares it to be reading time, I think the gorgeous God display in the backyard trumps. So, I went about making a newer version of our favorite gluten free cookie. photo credit Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies -… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies – GF

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How to Lose Weight with a Real Food Lifestyle

The baby fat from this last pregnancy (#8) has been the hardest to lose! I do understand why. Many different organs and body systems have to be working correctly in order for the body to properly metabolize stored fat (on its own as designed, without extra metabolism boosters and dietary fads). The body naturally was… Continue reading How to Lose Weight with a Real Food Lifestyle