Where To Start

If you’re new to traditional health and natural home remedies, here are some great tools to help you do your own research. Pray for wisdom and guidance as you find your way on this journey. May God bless your efforts as you seek truth about health and nutrition!

In general, switching over to whole, organic foods is a great start to a healthier beginning. Some superfoods I like to add in for my family are quality beef liver (we prefer Vital Proteins), Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil, Moringa, Spirulina, Grasses (like Barley or Alfalfa), Goji Berries – or other superberries from Navitas. You can buy most of these from: The Moringa Tree.

Traditional Diet Basics

Real Food Guidelines

Easy Home Remedies

Current Health Topics – Mercola

The Healthy Home Economist and Wellness Mama also have some good tutorials on Home Remedy How-To’s. Start there – and then check out their resources and find more bloggers with tutorials on Real Food and Health solutions.