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Learning how to nurture our families often seems a daunting task. Though much of this fine art had been lost, more and more women are recovering its life-giving aspects. As wives and mothers, we were destined to care for the body, soul and mind of those in our homes. Passionate about reclaiming this lost art and the skills necessary to nurture a healthy family, I am always discovering, purposefully researching, persistently experimenting.

Hi, I’m Gina. Wife to an amazing man, who has the courage to love this lady saved by grace. Home educating mother to ten beautiful children. I am still working out my salvation each and every day. Constantly being taught how to be patient, how to be pliable, and how to be used for our Creator’s wonderful plans. I pray these pages be inspirational, useful, and encouraging for women looking to improve the well-being of the ones entrusted to them.

We have been on a journey of health for over twelve years. My desire is to keep life as natural, simple, and purposeful as intended. I believe in the three vital components for what real health looks like: cleaning/keeping toxicity out; getting whole nutrients in; and staying connected to God and His community. Living out the principles of a traditionally prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet, I hope that what’s working for our growing family will bless yours.

Best of Friends
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