Quality Companies

Nature’s Sunshine (herbal supplements)

Ameo Essential Oils (clinical grade)

doTerra (essential oils)

The Bulk Herb Store (herbs and teas)

Mountain Rose Herbs (herbs, misc.)

Cultures For Health

Garden of Life

Mountain Meadow Herbs

Tropical Traditions – for quality essential oils and other natural foods

Healing Diets

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Yeast/Recovery Diet – for diabetic recovery, yeast and toxin cleanse

GAPSdiet – those healing from Leaky Gut, and other IBD concerns

Overcoming Colic Naturally

Helpful Blogs

Keeper of the Home

Elana’s Pantry

Health, Home, & Happiness

Coconut Mama


Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Nourished Kitchen

The Nourishing Gourmet

The Healthy Home Economist

(There are so many wonderful real food bloggers – once you click on one of these, go to their resource page and you will find more references – it’s the rabbit trail that never ends.)


Weston A. Price


Nourishing Our Children (quick overview post here)


Be Your Own Doctor

Essential Oils Reference Book

Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Real Food, Nutrition, and Health

Real Food for Mother and Baby

Digestive Wellness

Patient, Heal Thyself

Raising a Vaccine Free Child

For Children


Nutrition 101: Choose Life


Food, Inc.

The Greater Good



October Baby

Beautiful Truth

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Future of Food

Joel Salatin (on YouTube) on pastured farming

Mark Macafee (on YouTube) on raw milk

Back to Eden

King Corn

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