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Natural, God-led healing looks so different for each person. What an amazing journey for each of us if we so choose to embark on the adventure of reclaiming our health – mind, body and soul. As the apostle stated so long ago still resounds true for today – you are our epistles – you are the living testimony of the healing, redemptive work of God today. I would be honored if anyone who has followed the protocols, diets, and lifestyles recommended and has had wonderful success to please comment below. If you’re still on your healing journey (as most of us are always!) and would like drop a word of encouragement, please share! We overcome by the power of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb. I look forward to hearing and learning from everyone’s story.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. The work that I’ve done with Gina has literally been life-altering! Not only is my physical health beyond what it’s ever been, but my mental, spiritual, and emotional health are better than I ever knew it could be! Gina genuinely cares about her clients, but you have to consistently do the work to get the results! If you follow the protocols, you will see positive changes in your physical health, but you are more than a physical body…and these changes address ALL of who you are! This is about addressing the WHOLE person NOT a symptom…it is not western medicine lite, it is going to the roots of what real healing is all about!

  2. Everytime I look into my medicine cupboard I am reminded of how far I have come, how far my whole family has come, thanks to Gina. A year ago we were trying to be content living in a dairy-free lifestyle. I was convinced that our lactose intolerance was incurable and we should just learn to live with it. I had a stock-pile of lactaid so that we could eat small amounts of dairy. Last spring I finally went to see Gina. I had been told by many friends that she could probably help. So I took my middle son, Gavin, and myself. She gave me a couple recommendations and within a month we were both eating dairy like nothing was wrong. I then took my husband and he and I started a protocol, jump-started by her diet. Boy, was that hard! I have never done such a strict diet. But a month later my husband could also eat dairy, and we were all looking and feeling healthier.

    Since then I have done one more protocol and my husband has done 2. We have had a few health issues, including Covid, which were mild and easily overcome with the nutrients and supplements Gina recommended. And my medicine cabinet? Chock-full of lactaid that I will NEVER have to use again! Thank you, God!

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