Pizza and Scriptures, Anyone?

Today is Friday. We have a couple of new traditions around here.

First, the children love pizza.  Before our healthier days, we would order pizza on Friday nights or I would make one with a ready made crust or something of that sort. Having progressed now, we do sprouted wheat crust with homemade sauce, unpasteurized cheese (from grass-fed cows), and whatever toppings I have on hand.

I used to do a soaked spelt crust, but when I was having issues with my pancreas after the last baby, I had been on a no sugar (or anything that could be converted into such) diet. The only way I could digest the grains without them effecting my blood sugar levels was to have them sprouted first.  So, I did some research and experimenting with sprouted grains and how to incorporate them into our normal recipes. I have finally tweaked a bread recipe that I use as a base for all bread-like dishes – tortillas, rolls, buns, pizza crust, etc. The only difference to this recipe is that I use 1/4 cup of vital wheat gluten/vitamin C (which incidently I have on “subscribe and save” off of Amazon) per loaf.

(On a side note: The pre-diabetic condition I experienced lasted almost 2 years. The effects of eating processed foods and being careless with my health from my past had caught up with me. Changing my diet to no sugars kept my blood sugar in check and did help me lose most of the baby weight I had gained (over 50 pounds). But nourishing, supplementing, and strengthening my pancreas, gallbladder, and liver were the keys to getting my body to function the way it was designed. Feeling better on a mostly sugar free diet, I continue to stay away from unsprouted grains and refined sugars. I seem to do well with raw honey, coconut sugar, and stevia though, so that’s what we use mostly.)

Secondly, Friday is also our “Scripture Memory Night”. We have memorized Scripture on and off over the years, but I thought this way it would be more accountable. Starting from youngest to oldest, they stand in the front of the living room and recite their memorized verses for the week. The 3 year old is still reciting the same one he’s done all year, but the rest of them seem to be doing fairly well. I do reward them with organic gummy bears for their efforts. It’s a bit crazy at times. Especially since candy is so rare, the youngest ones have a hard time comprehending just why they can’t eat the whole bag full while attempting to sit quietly. My prayer is that they have wonderful memories of these evenings together. I know I do. It just warms my heart listening to them express words that will hopefully change their lives.

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