Pasta Carbonara Revamped Nourishing Style

I must say I love pasta. Occasionally, I will make noodles from scratch. But having brown rice pasta noodles from Trader Joe’s is such a great quick fix. Switching up traditional recipes to make them nourishing is usually not too difficult. What makes pasta delicious? Richness. Real cream, real butter, real meat. Love it.

Pasta Carbonara

Serves 9 pasta lovers

2 packages of Trader Joe’s organic penne brown rice pasta

1 package of uncured beef bacon

4 egg yolks

2 cups of soured cream

1/2 cup of real butter

1/2 onion

3 garlic cloves

handful of fresh basil

2-3 cups fresh milk or buttermilk

Real salt and pepper to taste

Parmesan cheese for topping (make sure it doesn’t have anti-caking filler, blech)


Bring to boil filtered water. In the meanwhile, cook up some uncured beef bacon and cut it up into small pieces. In the bacon grease, add a half chopped onion and butter. Cook until soft.

Cook the pasta according to directions. Drain. Put pasta back into the pot and add the bacon, onion butter sauce, then the sour cream, the handful of basil, chopped. Stir well. Mix the egg yolks into 1 cup of milk, whisk, and add into pasta. Mix gently. Continue adding milk until the sauce is rich and creamy. Serve immediately, topped with Parmesan cheese. Add a fresh salad and some kombucha and you’ve got an amazing dinner ahead of you. Enjoy!

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5 responses to “Pasta Carbonara Revamped Nourishing Style”

  1. Hello, I am new to your website.. with all your ailments how is it that you are able to eat milk, bacon, sour cream? I ask because I was just recently diagnosed with chronic cholosytitis and pancreatitis and looking for natural ways to of healing and had read that I should not be eating dairy, pork or beef.

    • Hi and Welcome! First, I usually make this sort of thing for the rest of my family when I am doing any major healing. As far as bacon, we don’t eat pork, so it would be turkey bacon. As for sour cream and milk, I have had to avoid my raw milk for now while healing the pancreas; the sour cream is made from our raw cream, and is fermented and probiotic, so it is actually helpful. I did take digestive enzymes, and Swedish bitters to help digest food while healing my gallbladder and pancreas. I would suggest doing a GAPS like diet until one heals though from pancreatic issues. I also took a good pancreas support herbal combination and have done many different detoxes and liver/gallbladder cleanses to help the body detox and heal itself. I currently do not have any problems with raw milk now, and can eat my fats just fine since they have detoxed and healed. I would not ever recommend pasteurized milk or commercial dairy – as I find the processing renders the milk solids non-digestible and toxic; not to mention commercial dairies are on the opposite end of the food spectrum from Real Food and thus, Real Health. I pray God leads you towards complete healing!

      • Hello, thank you for responding and your prayer. I was diagnosed just last month (oct.4th) with my conditions and was still breastfeeding my five month old babyat the time. I came home to continue to nurse after 3 days but I was not eating well at all and started to take digestive enzymes and a few other supplements. Icontinued for a few more weeks but decided to stop nursing since I thought that all of these supplements would hurt my baby thru breastmilk. I was so torn I didn’t know what to do ..I wanted to continue to nurse my baby..I just didnt know what to do 😦 so, I stopped..
        I also read that you have 9 babies.. Wow! I also wanted to have more children I wanted a big family (I have four) but now that these health problems have arised. I guess more babies are no longer in my future 😦
        I guess I want to ask how were still able to have more babies with all your health issues? Is it really over for me? My heart hurts because I stopped nursing, my heart aches cause I wont be able to have more children..I will continue to pray and read my bible for patience of my healing and to thank HIM for the children he gave me.
        God bless you and your beautiful family.!

      • It does not have to be over for you. My diet and doing other therapies are how I was able to nurse all of my babies until they weaned around 1 when I would become pregnant with the next one. Educating yourself on what is safe to use while nursing is most helpful. Things that are food are great for the baby – digestive enzymes and probiotics, going on a grain, sugar free diet and healing your body are all things you can do while nursing or pregnant. If you’re not nursing or pregnant now, I would use this time to pray and diligently seek out alternative health care professionals who can help you come up with a natural protocol to heal your pancreas/liver/gallbladder. They are all connected in this issue. Doing a major liver detox would be great now since you’re not nursing; this will go a long way in jump-starting your healing. You can heal your body. God designed it to do so. Do not claim an illness – always look at it as a problem to solve. Remember there are 2 keys to complete healing – 1) getting out the toxins that are causing all the trouble and 2) nourishing the body so it can heal fully and properly. This is key for getting over any illness, disease, syndrome or whatever other “label” people put on it. Do not starve yourself through this time of a restricted diet. Find new ways of creating foods that you can enjoy – use raw honey for sweets (it does not disrupt your blood sugar as sugars do), use healthy fats (coconut oil, organic butter, etc.) in conjunction with quality digestive enzymes and probiotics (I like the Garden of Life Raw for Women) – these build and repair, etc. I will be praying with you as you continue to seek a healing from the Ultimate Healer.

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