Wonderful Resource to Encourage Mothers

This past weekend I had the privilege of hearing Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies speak at our church. It was such a blessing to hear this wonderful, godly woman. She has such pearls of wisdom and solid Biblical understanding of what a true Christian culture looks like.

I bought several resources while I was there. Daily Light on the Daily Path was one I  look forward to looking at twice a day, as we try to rebuild the family devotion (or altar as it was called in Biblical days) here at home. It has a short Bible passage and discussion for morning and evening on every day of the year. So  nice to have it all prepared ahead of time!

I also am looking forward to reading Nancy’s How to Encourage Your Children (and its companion, How to Encourage Your Husband). Not growing up in an encouraging environment, I know I lack in that department. But the future of my family does not have to be written by my past.

Desiring to get back into my own daily devotions, I bought her 100 Days of Blessings as well. Hopefully it will spark my love of the Scriptures once again. I know I look forward to her upcoming book “Cheer Up!” Definitely need to choose joy every day during the day to day stresses of life as a mother.

My dear friend who organized the event also bought 2 of the DVDs that I really would like to see: IndoctriNation and Agenda. Incredibly insightful documentaries of what’s going on in our schools and in our culture today. I am excited to watch these at our next movie night get-together.

Head over to the Above Rubies’ website and read their inspiring, life-giving articles or subscribe to their free (or by donation) publication. May you be blessed and encouraged!

One response to “Wonderful Resource to Encourage Mothers”

  1. It was wonderful to meet Nancy and hear her grand-dauughter Meadow sing. What a blessing! I am looking forward to reading the books I bought too!

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