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Wonderful Resource to Encourage Mothers

This past weekend I had the privilege of hearing Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies speak at our church. It was such a blessing to hear this wonderful, godly woman. She has such pearls of wisdom and solid Biblical understanding of what a true Christian culture looks like.

I bought several resources while I was there. Daily Light on the Daily Path was one I  look forward to looking at twice a day, as we try to rebuild the family devotion (or altar as it was called in Biblical days) here at home. It has a short Bible passage and discussion for morning and evening on every day of the year. So  nice to have it all prepared ahead of time!

I also am looking forward to reading Nancy’s How to Encourage Your Children (and its companion, How to Encourage Your Husband). Not growing up in an encouraging environment, I know I lack in that department. But the future of my family does not have to be written by my past.

Desiring to get back into my own daily devotions, I bought her 100 Days of Blessings as well. Hopefully it will spark my love of the Scriptures once again. I know I look forward to her upcoming book “Cheer Up!” Definitely need to choose joy every day during the day to day stresses of life as a mother.

My dear friend who organized the event also bought 2 of the DVDs that I really would like to see: IndoctriNation and Agenda. Incredibly insightful documentaries of what’s going on in our schools and in our culture today. I am excited to watch these at our next movie night get-together.

Head over to the Above Rubies’ website and read their inspiring, life-giving articles or subscribe to their free (or by donation) publication. May you be blessed and encouraged!

1 thought on “Wonderful Resource to Encourage Mothers”

  1. It was wonderful to meet Nancy and hear her grand-dauughter Meadow sing. What a blessing! I am looking forward to reading the books I bought too!

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