Simple Living

New to a Real Foods Diet?

Here are some good places to start:

Real Food on a Real Budget: How to Eat Healthy For Less

Keeper of the Home’s Starter Page

Weston A Price’s Beginner Videos

Nutritional Eating: What’s Most Important?

Simple Steps Towards Eating Healthy

Natural Living 101

Nutritional Eating on a Budget


Hopefully these resources will get you started in the right direction. Making the choice to  begin a healthier lifestyle for you and your family is a difficult decision in today’s unhealthy world. But you can do it! Just take the first step. Make as many changes as you and your family can handle at a time. This isn’t a sprint race – it’s a marathon, intended to last a life time; hopefully a long and healthy one.  God bless you with wisdom, grace, and strength as you change lives, and the futures of your children by giving them the gift of health – mind, body and soul.

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