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Book Recommedation – TJED

I have heard much about the book “A Thomas Jefferson Education” by Oliver DeMille. Yet, it was’t until recently I finally got a copy to read. Being a HUGE fan of the ideas of Charlotte Mason in education, this book mirrors a lot of her philosophies.

The central theme of the book is of what it takes to raise a generation of leaders, such as the Founding Fathers. It takes a historical look at our nation’s education and what has worked in society to produce leaders and good moral people. The book’s audience is not limited to a particular student – it can be applied to both the public school and the homeschool.

The simplicity of teaching the classics always strikes a chord with me. It’s’ not about having the right curriculum or perfect environment or social structure. The greatest minds in history were shaped using these core principles, which can be applied with any student.

Having a greater desire to read more of them myself, I hope to initiate more lively discussions revolving around the timeless character found within classic works of literature. Have you read this book? How has it changed or strengthened your resolve on the education?


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