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Healing the Pancreas

The Lord has allowed me to go through a number of health issues. Though it is always a trial and difficult, I learn so much through the experience and know I am to share what worked for me naturally to heal the various organs who were all damaged by living on a SAD and Westernized lifestyle for years before I found the nourishing way. I am hoping to write a post for the plan I used for each area that God has helped me heal naturally; including my thyroid, hypothalamus, pancreas, gallbladder, colon, adrenals, small intestines (or Leaky Gut Syndrome), and reproductive system.


Here’s what I did for my pancreas (mine exhibited its weakness as hypoglycemia, but it can show up as high blood sugar or pancreatitis):

  • Went on a GAPS similar diet which consisted of only the following type foods:
  • Low-sugar fruits (like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
  • Raw honey (honey only for low blood sugar not high) and stevia as the only sweeteners
  • Quinoa as my only “grain”
  • Coconut and almond as my flours and homemade milks
  • Grassfed meats, pastured eggs, lots of healthy fats
  • Lots of salads and veggies
  • Nuts and seeds

I did not do any sugar, sugar fruits (like strawberries, pineapple, melons, etc.); no grains, not even sourdough at this point; no dairy of any kind; no kombucha (sugar residue) or alcohol.

Herbs/EO’s/Alternative Therapies:

Since I was either pregnant or nursing, I did not use herbs or take oils internally. But the following could be used if you’re not one or the other.

  • Nutmeg and Ocotea EO taken internally are great blood balancers and support the pancreas
  • Orange EO topically 2-3 times a day on pancreas area
  • Castor oil warm compress on pancreas – 2 times daily
  • Pro-Pancreas by Nature’s Sunshine or
  • Dr. Christopher’s Pancreas Formula
  • Massage therapy and acupuncture
  • Bio-feedback using Dicom and LifeSystem
  • Emotional Prayer Release (as learned from the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die”)
  • Lots of prayer to aid in guidance and release hindrances to healing
  • Juicing with greens and apples (or celery and cucumbers)
  • Foot detox bath (if not nursing/prego)
  • Hot detoxing body soak (if not nursing/prego) – soak in hot water with ginger powder, healing clays, and Epsom salts – if nursing/prego doing a hot shower daily (with water aimed mostly at the back and not tummy if prego) will aid in circulating and promoting healing
  • Moringa leaf powder – up to 4 tsp daily
  • Either cod liver oil, butter oil or flax oil 1 tsp daily
  • Food Enzymes/Probiotics (like GOL)

I am thankful that after almost a year of this type of lifestyle, my pancreas is now stable. I can enjoy my fresh milk and sucanat treats once in a while. The crazy mood swings have finally stabilized and am feeling overall a sense of contentment again. God is good. Who knew one organ was responsible for so much? I also healed my Leaky Gut at the same time while on this diet, and slowly have been healing my colitis. Stay tuned for more on what works for the other issues. May God bless you on your journey!

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11 thoughts on “Healing the Pancreas”

  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing! I too am having hypoglycemia from weakened pancreas & food/supplement sensitivities. I find that when I take anything that is suppose to ‘balance blood sugar’ it only causes my blood sugar to become even more unbalanced. Did you have that trouble? I’m interested in trying either Dr Christopher’s or Natures Sunshine Pancreas formula but read where they ‘balance blood sugar’ so I am a little hesitant in trying them. How did you do with them? I tried drinking some wheatgrass this morning & the sugar in that was too much for my pancreas right now.

    I am looking for different ways to get some nutrition in me that won’t throw my system off, I think I will try the Moringa powder.

    Any suggestions would be helpful!


    1. Hi,
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the pancreas. It sure is an important factor in good health. I’m not sure what products you tried before, but the key with any natural remedies is to use the ones that a specific to your issue. I recommend the ones listed because I believe they address the pancreas as a whole, in support and detox. The basic reason the pancreas is malfunctioning is because it is under nourished and has too many toxins. Keep it simple, toxins out, nutrients in. If you have not already done a good colon and liver cleanse, I would start there. I’d also recommend doing lots of probiotics and ferments. God bless you on your path to healing. I know He can guide you.

  2. Feeling so lost
    Diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis 6 months ago
    Was told there’s NO TREATMENT
    In so much pain alll the time can barely take care of my two year old ( the love of my life)
    I’m feeling there’s hope after reading this
    Thank you

    1. There’s always hope! I really like the Herbpharm line for pancreas and also Dr Christopher as well. Getting the nutrients you need are super important as well. Beef Liver, morninga, CLO/bo… Ask God to heal you, for direction to guide you to the right people. He is our Healer. Nothing is impossible with Him.

  3. Thank you for BEING on line to answe and give hope? My pancreas is nearly completely atrophied and I am relying on .creon to digest my food. I was googling to ask if castor lil packs could soften and restore the pancreas and if so where do I get them and how do I do them or get them done!?vany guidance would be much appreciated? Thank you, .wendy

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