Healing Diets

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

For those healing from major inflammatory issues, but not necessarily needing a major IBD type diet, here are some guidelines to adhere to. Typically, when using this diet, it is most beneficial to be on a detox protocol, of either parasitic pathogens, or toxic medications, food industry toxins, etc. Getting the toxins/parasites/infection that are causing the inflammation in the first place is primary. The diet is an aid to help the body not be so stressed during this healing process. The duration of this diet depends on your specific healing protocol (anywhere from 2 weeks on).


  • Goat milk products – from grassfed, organic sources – raw milk, cheese, yogurts or kefirs (possible for some)
  • Soaked brown rice, oats, and quinoa
  • organic fruits, most vegetables
  • grassfed, organic poultry and wild caught fish (sometimes lamb and venison if made in a stew or soup)
  • pastured organic eggs
  • good fats – organic butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, palm, fermented cod liver oil, avocado oil
  • coconut milk – unprocessed, homemade no preservatives
  • coconut flour and organic nut flours like almond, macadamia, or cashew
  • soft beans like lentils and mung
  • raw honey and stevia
  • bone broth soups
  • raw vinegar
  • Real or Pink Salt


  • Pork, conventionally raised, non organic meats
  • cow dairy, any conventional dairy
  • nuts or seeds of any kind, raw
  • nightshade family vegetables (peppers – not hot ones, tomatoes, eggplant, etc.)
  • gluten containing grains of any kind (including fermented or sprouted)
  • corn or soy of any kind
  • no sugars of any kind (including syrups)
  • table or Kosher salt
  • any boxed or pre-packaged foods

That is basically it. For a more tailor fit diet, it’s best to have a MRT professional test to see exactly what would be beneficial for the individual. God bless your healing journey!

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