The Plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Benjamin Franklin) With seven students doing school at home this year, that is definitely applicable for me.  From a senior to kindergarten, we have a fun year in store.  Thankful for a like-minded community to journey with on our educational endeavors, we are able to get so much accomplished. From encouragement to accountability, hands on activities to field trips, it is a blessing to have others to share with in the educational experiences.

After completing the planning for the 9th grader and the 7th grader, I focused my attention on the elementary students. For the past couple of years, schooling the youngest boys has been beyond difficult. With some high needs little ones, and boys who would rather be building outside, I have tried to go with the flow of their unpredictable days. This year though I hope to be able to stick to somewhat of a loose schedule, with lots of room for interruption and time outside penciled in.


Here’s my plan, we’ll see what happens:

4th and 6th graders –

  • Math: Time4Learning Math Facts, Saxon lessons
  • History: Mystery of History Vol 1– read through 4 lessons a week; 1 Chapter of Story of the World Vol 1.
  • Science: Life Science guide from Claritas Press – read through the daily sessions with links, videos, etc.
  • Bible/Devotion: Heroes Tales, Jesus Storybook
  • Language Arts: Copywork from Claritas Cycle 1, IEW Phonetic Zoo, Pathway Readers/Workbooks
  • Literature: Five in a Row booklist; Around the World with Picture Books Vol 2
  • Art/Projects/Experiments: once a week at our community day
  • Memory Work: Listening and singing along with Claritas Press Cycle 1 online

Kindergarten and 2nd graders –

  • Math: MasterBooks Living Math workbooks
  • Writing: Handwriting with Kumon
  • Reading: Language Arts kits from Simply Charlotte Mason and Pathway Readers/Workbooks
  • Rest of the subjects, they can join in with the older ones and do what they can on their level

Pre-K little man –

  • Follow his big brothers around or enjoy his open ended play
  • Read books with siblings and mom


Each of the lessons are short and sweet. We have all day to get things done – lots of time for making food in the kitchen and outdoor adventures. May God bless us all in our next school year preparing these entrusted to us to bring God’s light and love into the world.


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