The Moringa Tree Cafe – CONTRACT!

Just a quick update for our adventures in opening the organic kitchen and wellness studio here in TN – we have a building under contract! It’s a complete renovation of an older home (talk about your vintage 60’s brown carpet, orange tiles…). Good news – we get to make it the way we want, bad news – it needs so much work! But hey, work is good for everyone, right? If you want to be involved in any way – painting, cleaning, landscaping, gardens, financial – please drop me a line. This is more than just an organic cafe – this is a center for people to find community, find healing, find healthy food, local farmers, be educated on true health, restore the sick and further the GOOD NEWS! Stay tuned for details! (And no, the picture is not our building – it’s just for fun.)

Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on

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