The Moringa Tree

Why We Do What We Do

Adorable kids strawberry picking at a beyond organic farm in KY

Why is a great question. The digging deeper into the reasoning behind the decisions that people make everyday is critical to making progress. We are passionate about eating healthy food from sustainable farms because of the major shift that is absolutely necessary to our existence. Living in a time where people are so disconnected from each other, where their food comes from – it creates a dissonance that is felt throughout all of creation. Just as hard work creates a respect and care for that which was toiled over, so does being connected to the land that yields our daily needs.

Every meal we make or purchase strengthens one or another system – a system that is broken and toxic, or one that is rejuvenative and healing. We can change the way our country grows food – by voting with our money. This is part of the why we are determined to continue to educate, share meals, and serve people life giving food.

Over the past year or so we have witnessed just how frail our industrial model of agriculture and food distribution truly is. What if trucking were to shut down for months at a time? Where would you get your food? Connecting people with local farmers is critical and necessary. Not only finding out who grows amazing food around you being key, but also meeting like minded people who are also on a journey of sustainability and health. We need each other. We were designed for community and fellowship. We all have something to share, to learn, to teach one another.

What other exciting discoveries and creative methods will be birthed over the next few years as more people come together to build continuity between humanity and creation. We were created to thrive. Come join the adventure!

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