Healing Cavities

It really is hard to believe that this is possible. However, I have seen it with my own eyes twice now with my kids. With one of our kids, we watched as one of his front teeth filled back in little by little over the course of two months. It was pretty amazing. With the last kid, he healed three cavities in his baby teeth. The catch is, you have to get it before it gets too deep. That being said, it is possible to prevent cavities and live without them! Personally, I have never had a cavity.

(A right outside the dentist with a clean bill!)

Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities With Nutrition is an excellent reference. Here’s what we did both times:

  1. Found the root cause of mal-absorption & dysfunction of assimilation of nutrients.
  2. Flood the body with superfoods, beef liver, cod liver oil/butter oil, and other herbals for strong teeth.
  3. No sugars whatsoever (only raw honey).
  4. Use various remineralizing techniques such as tooth and gum powder, ozone gel, ozone mouthwash, and remineralizing toothpaste.
  5. Follow a traditional foods, organic lifestyle. (See westonaprice.org)

For A, we found he had parasites from the dogs that were bothering his mineral assimilation in his gi tract. We did a parasite cleanse, added in a similar formula to Pure Herbs TG & P formula, took extra beef liver (he mixes his in honey), and extra CLO/BO (again on a spoon with some honey). He would brush his teeth twice a day with the tooth powder and at night use the toothpaste I made along with the ozone products. He originally had 4 cavities at our first visit. The 4th one was pretty deep, so I had the fill it with the white composite filling. When we went for his cleaning several months later, there were no cavities to be found. Praise God!

Just a side note, amalgam fillings should never be used. They still contain mercury and other metals. Mercury is highly toxic and is linked to all kinds of auto-immune diseases, arthritis, dementia, and a host of other dis-eases. I always recommend that my clients have them safely removed once they discover how toxic and harmful they are (and how they are contributing to their chronic illnesses).

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