No Vaccines, thanks, I have an immune system

With all the vaccine hype recently there comes a lot of misinformation and propaganda to sway the public to embrace this new vaccine as the savior of humanity. In case you missed my stance on vaccines, let me re-iterate it here that I would NEVER recommend any vaccine ever – but especially not the current one being pushed on every human being on the planet.

Here are my top reasons why I never recommend vaccines and also why they are destroying the lives and health of every person injected into.

  1. Our GOD designed immune system works amazingly and there is no replication for it in human invention. God will always win my vote for best design over fallen man’s weak attempt to coral nature into a little vile (pun intended). When we treat our immune system the way God intended it, our innate immune response will recognize foreign invaders and destroy them faster than any invention of man. The key is to build up your body and honor the system God gave you. As with any other foreign invader, God gave us all the tools we need in His creation to conquer. We are not left abandoned – there are the right herbal, nutritional, dietary blends that can aid people to overcome and become stronger because of the challenges we face.
  2. The vax contains ABORTED FETAL CELLS. This is horrific. The vaccine industry is a huge buyer for the abortion industry. They use the aborted tissues for testing and creation of the vaccines. Completely unethical, immoral, and unconscionable for anyone truly confessing to serve the One, True God Almighty.
  3. This is not a vaccine – this is gene therapy. There is no detoxing out this vaccine – it is changing your genetics. The covd vax is genetically modifying the body. It inserts a synthetic immune responder in the body to recognize only one type of the covid virus and rather than allow your own killer cells to attack and destroy the invaders, these synthetic ones do the job, maybe – it’s not proven that this actually happens, since they rushed this vaccine through and did not do the normal (normal being still not even examined by unbiased parties or long term studied) tests to pass a vaccine. The general public is the test trial. Once this genetic therapy has been inserted, it cannot be undone. This has catastrophic results, as no one has enough data collected to know what the coronavirus does in our bodies normally.
  4. Researchers, scientists, vaccine developers and MDs are whistleblowing all over the place, urging people NOT to get this vaccine, yet the social media SS officers are keeping this information from the public. Doesn’t this kind of censorship raise some red flags that maybe there is a narrative that those in power want to keep going and anything contrary to this narrative is being silenced?
  5. This vax does not prevent people from getting or passing covid. Fauci said it himself in an interview (as he tries to explain that people need to keep wearing fear propagating masks). If people who have been vaxed come across a wild or mutated strain of this virus, they will be unable to kill it out, as the synthetic immune responders will not be able to recognize these other foreigners; but not only can they not recognize them, they also will take down the natural immune responders from doing their job in taking out the threat. It’s mind blowing how this vaccine is being so heavily pushed as it is doing the exact OPPOSITE of what they are proporting it does.
  6. All vaccines have incredible risk. This one is no different. Yet the media is not reporting, nor are doctors warning people of the risks or possible outcomes of taking this trial gene therapy shot. To see the estimated 2% of actual reported deaths and injuries of a vaccine, visit the Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction site. Remember, the vaccine companies are EXEMPT from any liability – so they do not have ANY responsibility to make a safe or even effective product, especially since the government backs them up on this (since 1984).
  7. “The chief medical officer of Moderna, Dr. Zaks, said it himself in a television interview in November. He said when we start the deployment of this vaccine, we will not have sufficient concrete data to prove that this vaccine reduces transmission.” So then what is the point of this vaccine?! It is part of the greater reset – to get people used to getting a vaccine – just like they train parents to bring their new babies in for wellness checks. They are training the public to come and get their upgrade – whether that will contain chips for tracking, or other monitoring technology is definitely on the agenda (vaccine travel passports).
  8. For the history of vaccines, read “Dissolving Illusions” and for more thorough analysis of the vaccine industry read “Plague of Corruption.”
  9. Lastly, as “Gert Vanden Bossche spelled out in the links above is that immunizing a population already under viral pressure creates the conditions for teaching the virus how to get around our defenses while the process of making antibodies is still incomplete. (It takes about 8 to 21 days) – also known as “gain of function.” There is a very real possibility that the vaccinated will be unknowingly complicit in creating a far more aggressive “superbug.” In all likelihood, when such variants turn up, the media will blame those who didn’t get vaccinated, further deepening the hate and fear” (this point explained by a friend).

I could go on and on about how much I abhor vaccines. I have seen too many children and adults injured, maimed, and destroyed by this medical invention. People may disagree with me on this all day, but I cannot unsee and un-experience the vaccine injuries not only personally but over the past 10 years of working with people to heal naturally as God designed our bodies to do.

I pray for truth to be heard by those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. We do not need to perish for lack of knowledge. If we truly desire to know the truth, it will set us free, not need to be pushed on us with fear. Fear is not of God. Perfect LOVE casts out all fear. So may you receive God’s perfect love and truth and freedom found in Christ alone.

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