Natural Aid for Allergies

Allergy Season, as it is called, is in full swing down in the south. Some people are more sensitive to the pollen and new plant growth blowing around than others. Root issues for allergy sensitivity can be: immune system compromised, toxic liver, parasites that are gassing off allergens in the system, toxic metals, impaired mineral and amino acid absorption (from leaky gut, genetic weakness, cell damage, etc.), and much more. I personally had been one of those who would have itching/watery eyes, constant sneezing, runny nose, puffy face, and tiredness each time spring rolled around. Over the years of detoxing and healing my immune system though, my issues with allergies are minimal with extremely mild symptoms that hardly need any extra support! Here are some tools I have used with great success over the years to deal with allergy issues, I hope some or a few of these work for you.


  • Nettles – in extract or capsule form, great to take up to 4x’s a day for major issues
  • Beef liver – getting those amino acids and minerals is essential (besides consuming a major traditional superfood)
  • HerbPharm line up – they have Daily Immune Builder as well as Inflamma Response that work amazing
  • Nature’s Sunshine – has a great immune line up for support – HY-C, Trigger Immune, and Immune Stimulator are favorites
  • Dr. Christopher’s Immucalm – INVALUABLE!
  • Turmeric – is always a great anti-inflammatory that helps to circulate allergens out of the bloodstream
  • Respiratory Aids: Andrographis is great for building up, Nature’s Sunshine has Breath Activator, and there are always the ever helpful respiratory essential oil blends (frankincense, balsam fir, cypress, pine, cajeput, and eucalyptus)
  • Quality Bee Pollen – local is best

Of course, staying on a nutrient-dense diet and avoiding toxic food stuff that would immobilize the immune system is always a given when needing aid during this time (and every time). For a good overall idea of what a healthy, traditional, real foods diet looks like; check out Weston A Price  – Guidelines for a Healthy Diet.

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