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Red Raspberry Citrus Pregnancy Tea

I have been using a blend of red raspberry in a mother to be tea for the last four pregnancies. After reading and researching the benefits of this amazing herb during pregnancy and afterwards, I have found it imperative to have each day. But I must say I tire of the typical blend of herbs found in a the pregnancy teas. Since the main herb that I want in the blend is red raspberry, I have decided to just throw it into whatever blend I decide to make up that day. Recently on our date night, my husband and I happened into Teavana. You know, the uber-expensive-all-about-tea store? After smelling just about everything I could imagine would be lovely, I took home one of their pamphlets that contained a list of their teas and their ingredients (along with my cup of tea I tried out). I was going to try to copy some of their delicious concoctions. Here is one of the blends I have made that I truly enjoy, even with the red raspberry leaf in it:

Red Raspberry Citrus Pregnancy Tea

makes about 2.5 strong cups or 4-5 not so strong cups

  • 2 parts red raspberry leaf
  • 2 parts red roobios tea
  • pinch of hibiscus
  • 1 part dried organic orange peel
  • 1 part dried organic lemon peel
  • 1 part dried figs, chopped
  1. I usually measure out about a teaspoon as my “part”. So, add each of the ingredients with into your tea pot (or other loose leaf holding tool).
  2. Pour in boiling, filtered water.
  3. Let steep for about 7-12 minutes.
  4. Enjoy!

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