Detox Workshop

We had a wonderful time at our monthly meeting – first of the year! The topic was on doing a detox with the guidelines set out by Dr. Christopher in his Cleansing Program. With some modifications and additions, I have included the slides from the presentation and will be posting the video shortly. 


We are doing a juice fast to kick off the cleanse – with the focus on 70% vegetables and 30% fruit. After 3-7 days of juice fasting, we will be going into a vegetarian type diet – Dr. Christopher’s “Mucusless Diet”. This will aid in a gentle, yet efficient manner to expedite our healing and detoxification. 


We will be using the formula from Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Cleanse as well as his Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse. These herbs are especially important to use during the detox so as to safely assist the toxins out of the body. They have put his cleansing kit together here as well. The goal is to go 6 weeks with the fast and then the diet. This will give the body a great reboot and a chance to reprogram some of the misinformation in the body systems. If this is your first cleanse of this sort, it has been mentioned that it can take up to 6 months or longer to fully detox the build up toxins. 

Other companies listed on the resources slide of the presentation will have similar detox herbal combinations as well. Get your hands on whatever is most convenient and get started! May God bless you on your journey toward wholeness and complete health.

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