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Teach Them Diligently Convention

Resurrection Day at the Farm – my 2 daughters and baby boy

The past weekend we were blessed to have attended the “Teach Them Diligently Convention” in Nashville, TN. It is always so encouraging  gather with other like-minded parents who are educating their children in, well the home, but really in full time living.

St. Valentine's Dinner
St. Valentine’s Dinner Together Celebrating Love

God dealt with us to bring our children home and diligently instruct them in the ways of truth almost 8 years ago. For an entire year before we pulled our oldest two out of a private school, the Lord had been talking to my husband’s heart about home education. He was also dealing with me on the topic as well, but I never knew until a year later that God had been speaking to both of us through so many personal experiences. He showed me how my children are my ministry right now.

Isaiah Engineering Whole Communities
Isaiah spends many a day engineering and designing communities, battle scenes, etc.

I am to disciple them for Christ, to lead them in truth – in every area, and show them how God is involved with every aspect of life. How could I do this if I only saw them in the evening for a short time before schedules and bedtime? I also had seen how negative peer pressure could influence my children in ungodly ways, and develop a secular worldview instead of Biblical one.

Best of Friends
Best of Friends – the youngest ones
Nate Procrastinating
Nathaniel Procrastinating

This world can be a dark place, I desired to train my children to be light, to be prepared to bring God’s truth into the darkness. I reflected on my own childhood and how detached my siblings and I were from each other.  I wished that my children would all grow up to be best friends – iron sharpening iron. And I knew it would not happen if they hardly saw each other during the day.

Sir Caleb - Knight of the Rectangular Table
Sir Caleb – Knight of the Round Table

After finding out that my husband had the same thoughts and convictions, we brought our children home. It has been a journey – a challenging, but also more rewarding journey than I could have imagined. God is faithful in calling us to this walk and training our children and is not slack in equipping us for this challenge. One of the ways we have been equipped is through homeschooling conventions in different states.

Isaiah's Revolutionary War
Isaiah’s Eclectic Early American History

Each year we try to go to one, because we know we will receive insight, Biblical teachings, practical advice, encouragement from veterans, and so much more. It is a time of refreshing and sharpening our vision for our family.

Nature Study at Its Finest
Nature Study at Its Finest

This conference was just outstanding. Though my nursing babe kept me out of quite a few of the talks, I still gleaned much from the spread. I loved listening to the various speakers and also talking with them at their booths. Some of my favorites were Sally Clarkson, Ken Ham, Mark Hamby, and many others. Here’s the full list of speakers.

A Trip to the Zoo (Michael)
A Day at the Zoo – Michael Admiring God’s Creatures

I really enjoyed the convention and am so thankful for the opportunity we have here in the US to follow God where ever He leads – and that we do not have to go it alone. I pray we will guard our freedom to train our children up in the Way. And that He will always be in the spotlight for home educating families. Here’s to finding joy in the journey!

It's A Wonderful Life

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