More Detox Thoughts

As I progress in my journey to heal myself with the God given provisions around me, I am ever aware of how much we truly understand of the human body. However, the amazing intelligent design of His Creation just keeps on surprising me as to how well His herbs, science, oils, etc. know just how to work with our bodies and vice versa, despite my conscious intellect.

Reading up on ionic foot bath detoxes, much controversy can be found. Some naturalists claim it is all a hoax, while others swear by it. From what I gather and my own personal experience, I have learned that the toxins may not actually come out in the bathwater, but rather can be detoxed into the colon. I believe this is where “professionals” get lost, because of the discrepancy of where the toxins go. Unless someone does some studies on toxins in a person’s colon after the foot bath, they’re likely to keep believing nothing is happening. How does it work? Basically the interaction of the water and salts with an ion generator work to stimulate the main detoxification organs to go to work double time.

I actually felt more energetic after my third bath, whereas the first two left me pretty drained, a common side effect of major detoxification. I am determined to go at least 2 more times to see what else will happen. I have noticed though that after this last session, I finally do not have joint pain, which I have been dealing with a lot lately – despite my juicing and regular superfoods and real nutrition lifestyle. While I am still deciding on how exactly this works and how many times it’s necessary to go to see major results, I have also been using other detox methods.

Olio Del Re has been my new best friend lately. Its Italian created formula of essential oils have seemingly endless uses. I have used it to help detox particular organs by rubbing it directly on that area, or put on the bottom of my feet to work in many places throughout the body. Since most eo users know the foot is a map of the body, putting an oil there is really getting your money’s worth. Lately, I have been putting it on my colon to help escort these toxins out as I am detoxing. Today, I put it on my head in the area where the insular cortex is, because I read about how that’s the area where the brain communicates with the gastrointestinal tract. The signalling pathways in the brain can become clogged with toxins, which then creates mayhem in the rest of the body which is not getting the correct information and instructions. Reading this article really made some insightful connections for me on this topic. I am awaiting to see what kind of detoxification this does as it stimulates the brain to get those toxins out of there.

After finally having cleared out almost every sign of diverticulitis from my colon, I am still left with this annoying bloating and overly full feeling, even when I haven’t eaten for hours. It has very little to do with anything I eat, which leads me to believe that there is a communication malfunction between my brain and gut. I believe that if I can clear out and heal the insular cortex in the brain, that the communication will free up and the natural healing processes can finish, thus allowing the inflammation to cease.

Boswellia – photo credit

Lastly, I am looking to add some medicinal mushrooms and boswellia to my daily diet. While nursing and being pregnant for the past 9 years, I haven’t been able to really try any. From my studies, I am learning  about how medicinal mushrooms contain amazing healing properties to detox the brain and heal the colon. I had looked at Mike’s Cocoa Mojo and might copy his recipe with my cacao nibs. I have also looked into adding boswellia since it should help as well. Why not? I will try anything (natural and Godly) once.

I should post a recipe for good measure, shouldn’t I? My favorite hot drink so far this week: roasted cacao nibs brewed like a strong coffee, add in some raw cream, 1 tsp of maca root powder, a little stevia and raw honey, and viola! Amazing malted hot chocolate that’s full of superfood goodness. Stay tuned for more updates. For the first part of this series, check it out here.

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