Natural First Aid Workshop Notes

Here are the notes from our July workshop. Hope you find it useful!


First Aid Ideas

  • Bug Spray – DoTerra TerraShield
    • can also make up a blend with purification (purity) oil and Shaklee’s Basic H
  • Cayenne – powder or tincture
    • stops bleeding wounds
    • stops heart attacks
    • also use Shepherd’s Purse
  • People Paste
    • recipe in Be Your Own Doctor – helpful for open wounds to help bleeding and keep out infection
  • Charcoal
    • food poisoning
    • bug bites
  • Bentonite or Redmond’s Clay
    • stomach viruses
    • poisons, chemicals detox
  • Thieves Spray
    • sanitizer
    • sore throats
    • immune booster
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Clean minor cuts/abrasions
    • Ear infections
    • Infections
  • Healing Salve
    • lavender, chamomile, comfrey, calendula, rosemary, arnica
    • bumps, bruises, scratches, promote healing for wounds
  • Comfrey Salve
    • Dr. Christopher’s recipe
    • anti-microbial, promotes healing of any tissues, bones, muscles
    • “knitbone” herb is primary ingredient
  • Snooze Tincture – Bulk Herb Store
    • calming herbs in glycerin for children
  • Essential Oils
    • Lavender – bruise, burn, calming
    • Purity – toxic environments
    • Peppermint – bug bites, poison ivy, nausea, energy
    • Thieves – sickness
    • DiGiz – digestive complaints
    • Peace & Calming, Gentle Baby, Sacred Mt – calming children
  • Home-made band-aids and wraps
    • old towels, napkins, cut-off sleeves from wool sweaters or t-shirts
    • gauze, bandages, superglue, butterfly bandages

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