No Eye Surgery Needed!

Success  Stories – Praise God for Natural Healing

When I first began on my health journey, I came across a young couple who had just had their first son. He was about 6 months old when his mom noticed his eye being clouded and looking as though it was infected. It had a cloudy mucus (not to be too gross) that continually needed to be wiped. His mother had taken him to the pediatrician who claimed his tear duct to be blocked and would require surgery to open it up. When she told me her story, I felt compelled to help. I sought the advice of a naturopathic acquaintance and we both agreed there must be a parasite in the tear duct. Using the Harmonic Quad and an emergency blanket, we could kill the parasite and resolve the issue.

With the mother anxious to try anything but surgery for her little boy, we proceeded to use the quad and blanket. The Harmonic Quad works in a four part frequency that is in a range where parasites and pathogens cannot survive. After about 10 minutes of using the quad, the little boy’s eye began to run with clear tears. We were amazed! His tear duct was unclogged! He needed 2 sessions with the quad to completely eradicate the invaders. Successfully though, he never needed surgery and his tear duct has remained clear. Praise God!

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