Mastitis Infection – Cleared in 2 days

I recently had a new mother client who developed mastitis. She had a high fever and felt sore. I suggested to following protocol: 5 drops of an essential oil blend like ProShield (by Ameo) or 7 drops of doTerra’s OnGuard (or one could make up the blend themselves with lemon, orange, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, and oregano) in a capsule twice a day for 2 days; Epsom salt baths twice daily, lots of nursing, rest, liquids, clean diet with no sugar. She felt immediately better the first day and so went about and did a bit too much work, which resulted in her feeling awful by nightfall. I encouraged her to rest completely and follow the protocol. The following day she reported that she felt great and was so happy to have been able to conquer this naturally. Thank God for His provisions!

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