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In Our Home

In an effort to encourage others that God has given us all the tools we need to be whole, I wanted to share a snippet each week of a typical day in our home. Encountering trials, using herbs, meeting needs, working through difficulties, praying through it – one step at a time, relying on a natural design for family life.

As the temperature rises here in the South, the kids are antsy to be outside, but it’s so stinkin’ hot! We caved and bought a 15 ft wide 3 ft deep pool. They LOVE it. However tiny problem, we have those micro organisms to worry about. A good friend shared some information for a cool device she uses in her pool called a Floatron. You can find them on Amazon. It ionizes the water basically so that micro-organisms cannot survive in that environment. While waiting for it to arrive, we used pool salt to keep things at bay. I believe we all are healthier when the kids are able to be outside for most of the day (read Last Child in the Woods!) With 8 boys at home still, their energy is through the roof! Thank God for all the land we have around us they can use to explore and be outside.

conifer daylight environment evergreen
Photo by Nejc Košir on Pexels.com

Of course, what adventure outdoors during the summer does not include getting into problematic scenarios – like poison ivy?  One of our younger ones got into it pretty bad. He was itching and spreading it like wild fire. Applying Jewelweed soap, spraying with apple cider vinegar (diluted 3 parts water to 1 acv), changing sheets, administering immune building herbs like Nature’s Sunshine Trigger Immune and local bee pollen – yet, he was still miserable. One of my clients mentioned that CBD oil could help. Why not? I had exhausted everything else and he was still pitiful. I squirted 1/8 tsp under his tongue, using HempWorx 500. Within 24 hours the swelling on his ankles was down, the blisters lessened, the redness was disappearing and he was way less miserable. I am so thankful! Wish I had started that when he first got it!

And ticks? These buggers can carry parasites, bacteria, viruses, poisons, and allergens. Usually people exhibit a reaction when they leave behind something you don’t want. I had a client who contacted me immediately when she saw a reaction on her boy. (getting on something like this quickly is key to minimize repercussions.)  The tick had left some crazy parasites and intercellular parasites with poisons. I MRT’ed to see what herbs he needed to kill it out and repair the damage it had done. The technique I learned is from Dr. Overman – a Mennonite healer (another amazing healer – you can read about here.) It will only take him a month to recover from what could have been a life altering infection. Encouraging her to pray over him and claim protecting Scriptures over his life, this situation will only strengthen him and increase faith. God designed all the answers we would need for our healing, before He even created us. He has a plan for it all. All we need to do is ask – He is a good Father, why would He not answer us and provide for His children?

close up photo of strawberries on plastic container
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Switching gears, let’s talk food. Anyone else have some bottomless pits eating them out of house and home? Favorites this week so far have been: grilled sourdough bread with Monterrey Jack; Tuna Caper Pasta; Hibiscus Kombucha; raw milk strawberry shakes; sprouted rye waffles;  tacos – with local pastured ground turkey/mung beans/quinoa, all the fixin’s and sprouted tortillas for the kids, cassava or almond tortillas for adults.

Our CSA has finally begun! We have strawberries in season, lots of lettuces, kale, and green onions. I took a trip up to the local Amish community to score several flats of organically raised strawberries. Upon arriving home, I enlisted the aid of my middle children to wash, trim, and bag them up for the freezer. Produce grown locally in season is the BEST. Feels like an episode of Chopped every time I get a box – what kind of fun recipe can we dream up this week?!

Stay tuned for more in this series. May God bless you with wisdom during the summer season. May joy be found in your journey – where ever it may take you.




2 thoughts on “In Our Home”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, so happy to see you writing again. Can’t wait for the next time and learn more and more of what to do. Love you, miss you – wish we were closer for all those yummy sounding Amish goodies, nothing like that down here in blazin’ hot Florida. Hugs.

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