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Wellness Quick Reference

Here is a quick reference for common remedies for various seasonal ailments.

Wellness Care

Cold: Elderberry, SuperImmune (Also similar to Dr C’s INF)

Strep/throat: Albizia, Goldenseal, Thieves, Frankincense eo

Flu: SuperImmune, Goldenseal

UTI: Goldenseal, Thieves EO, Pau d’Arco

Sinus Infection: Echinacea, SuperImmune

Yeast Infection: Can-Sol, Goldenseal

Bowel Virus: Olive leaf, Yarrow, Ginger, Cloves, Bentonite Clay, Charcoal

Respiratory Infection: Hyssop, Mistletoe, Pau d’ Arco, 

Immune Builders: Diet, Superfoods, Astragalus Ashwaghanda, ImmunoCare, IMSW, ImmuCalm, Elderberry Super, NS Trigger Immune and Immune Stimulator, Medicinal Mushrooms

assorted jars on blue shelf cabinets


Of course utilizing a traditional, real, organic, local foods diet is critical for healing naturally. And avoiding toxic poisons from pharma, food industry, and water. Keeping up probiotic foods or adding in a good probiotic boosts healthy microbiota function.

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