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Wellness Quick Reference

Here is a quick reference for common remedies for various seasonal ailments.

Wellness Care

Cold: Elderberry, SuperImmune (Also similar to Dr C’s INF)

Strep/throat: Albizia, Goldenseal, Thieves, Frankincense eo

Flu: SuperImmune (or Dr C’s Super Garlic Immune), Goldenseal

UTI: Goldenseal, Thieves EO, Pau d’Arco

Sinus Infection: Echinacea, SuperImmune, Hyssop

Yeast Infection: Can-Sol, Goldenseal

Bowel Virus: Olive leaf, Yarrow, Ginger, Cloves, Bentonite Clay, Charcoal

Respiratory Infection: Hyssop, Mistletoe, Pau d’ Arco, 

Immune Builders: Diet, Superfoods, Astragalus Ashwaghanda, ImmunoCare, IMSW, ImmuCalm, Elderberry Super, NS Trigger Immune and Immune Stimulator, Medicinal Mushrooms

assorted jars on blue shelf cabinets


Other notes: utilizing a traditional, real, organic, local foods diet is critical for healing naturally. Avoiding toxic poisons from pharma, food industry, and water is also important as we keep nutrients in and toxins out. Adding in probiotic foods and a good probiotic boosts healthy microbiota function – these micro-organisms are the army of the immune system and much more. God has given us all the tools we need to stay healthy and be thriving for His glory. Pray for wisdom and resources. He is a good Father to take care of us!

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