What is Prayer?

Prayer is not a stagnated interaction. It flows from life to life, glory to glory. Connecting with God can take on many forms. Sometimes just quietly sitting, finding that place of communion with Him, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Today it was in that space, our little natural habitat, laying in a wildflower field, running, twirling down to the brook. Resting in His arms and taking a nap. It is ok to rest in Him. To find time to just be in His presence. No agenda, no list of requests, no long exaltations, but be with Him. Enjoy His beauty, tranquility and peacefulness that defines Him like the royal flowing robe it is. Become more aware of His very breath with each inhale that it is both His and from Him for me to have breath of life.

Photo by Rachel Xiao on Pexels.com


God provides the manna each day. Remembering a past dream, of myself in a garden with all kinds of lovely vegetables and fruits to eat. Sampling here and there. Tasting and seeing good gifts from the Father, I always thought, I do not store up for the winter. I need to be storing up, collecting, preparing and putting away for the seasons when there is not a good harvest. But I hear softly that I need only seek His garden each day – there is plenty. No famine, no drought of God’s daily provisions. Merely seeking and finding out each morning what the garden holds. Sometimes we gather to create nourishment for others; serving others with the good ingredients He has grown for us. Other times, it is personal, just a refreshing and time of joy to have a quiet dessert and cup of tea with my Savior and best Friend. 

Honestly, prayer is messy. Sobbing, frustrating, desperately seeking answers. At times crying and heavy moans barely escape our lips on nights in the valley of the shadow of death. Feeling like the psalmist so down cast, but attempting to encourage our souls to take heart and refuge in His Arms. I often relate to David in his sorrows and am thankful that they were recorded for us to know that we are not alone and that God is mindful of us, knowing how frail our frame truly is.

Sometimes prayer is active – walking about, working, while in the midst of the day. Staying close by His side. Interceding for those He places on my heart, those I run in to, those on my mind – a burden to ask Him to take control of. His yoke is easy and burden is light. It’s the learning of Him, meek and lowly. Learning of His ways, how does He make this burden light and working along side Him easy? His work can quickly feel overwhelming and impossible. But keeping my eyes on Him, He can do all things. And I through His grace will overcome and be able to accomplish all He has set before me to do. For He that began a good work – He started this faith – He is able and will finish it. For He has already counted up the cost, and set into motion seeing the end from the very beginning. Knowing each trial, every fire. He made a way. 

What does your prayer look like today?

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