The Great Awakening

—–Workshop Announcement—-

Resetting Your Health, Food, & Lifestyle

Presented by Gina Webb BA, MH  

The Moringa Tree
August 4th @ 5:30pm
Cost: $35 at the door; $30 pre-paid

With so much misinformation out there about health – who can you really trust? Come see what has been working to heal people for centuries, across the globe! Learn practical methods of keeping you and your family strong. Much of what we are dealing with today on all fronts has been historically recorded – come learn from the mistakes of the past and learn the secrets on how to overcome. If you are desiring direction on a true healing path to resolve digestive issues, fatigue, depression, hormone imbalance, aches & pains – then you do not want to miss this workshop! 

At this Workshop:

  • Balancing & Rebuilding in Spite of the Toxicity Around
  • Practical Tips on Eating Nutrient Dense Foods Every Day
  • Protection and Immune Boosters for any Health Crisis
  • —- AND MORE!

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