MRT 201 Course Offerings

Evening Everyone!

The MRT 201 Course will commence next Tuesday evening at 7:00PM CST.

Here is the link to attend the event:  — (I will email you the password after payment is completed.)

Cost for this class is $300 ($50 per class). You’re welcome to split up the payments into 2 amounts of $150/each. Since I do have to pay for Crowdcast to host the recorded videos; I will keep my membership active for a full 2 months so that you can watch or re-watch classes that you missed or needed more time to review. I will email you each week with a PDF of documents to print off and keep in a binder for your reference.

If you know of anyone else who would like to attend this class – please let them know. Also, be prayerful in attending these classes. The enemy certainly doesn’t like us learning how to heal and help others be whole – but we have God on our side – so we will not be defeated. Just keep your worship on at all times 🙂 

You can paypal or Venmo me for the class – please do make a note that you’re paying for the class in the notes so I can record your payment. This class is going to help fund the opening of our organic cafe here in TN! Thanks in advance for being a part of bringing a brick and mortar healing center to this area!

God bless you all and see you next week online!!
~ Gina

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