Don’t Forget the Greens

Healing is full commitment. Think of the time and patience it takes to put together a puzzle. There is the initial fun of finding all the outlining pieces; matching up all the corner pieces. Yet, the full satisfaction is not achieved until that last piece is placed, you step back and admire the completed picture. Recovering from any given health concern is very similar.

We make a plan with many herbal combinations that will address the underlying toxins, and allow the body to detox the offending items. Medicinal tea blends and digestive tonics are added in to maximize the flow and assist the movement of toxins out, and nutrients in. High-quality probiotics step up the game of restoring the gut biome, which enables the adaptability of the immune and healing cells to do their proper function efficiently. Superfood nutrients are added to be sure the body has all the building blocks of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients to secure the assembly of the original amazing design of you.

(photo credit)

What are we missing in this picture? The food plan – we can put together all these wonderful products and plans, but without the proper food and the elimination of the offending ones, healing is just outside of our grasp. It is imperative to leave out the foods or fake foods that hurt the body. White sugars, denatured grains, and toxic out-to-eat restaurants all keep us from achieving our goals. Even sometimes, it’s a food that is truly a good one, but it is best for us to avoid it for a time to allow our immune system to reset itself. Without this persistence, the image just isn’t complete.

I encourage you to really focus and make a plan to stick to your food choices. Be intentional. Be strong. The rewards are rippling. When you plug out of the conventional food model, you are making a change in our society toward small family-owned farming, organic farming that has future generations and the health of the soil, and more in mind with every planting. Your example can spread to your children, your co-workers, your family, and more. Change always starts with just one person. May 2023 be the year you see a breakthrough in your health journey.

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