BE a Modern Day Abolitionist – Set These Children FREE

If you have not seen this yet, you have to. 




It is an operation to save children who are sex slaves – from the ages of 3 on up, kidnapped from their families and sold in the human trafficking horrors. Please donate and save a child from this nightmare. One child I heard was kidnapped from his own Sunday School class and is just now being rescued. It can be anyone’s child. If you have no money, the very least you can do it pray and spread the word. 


“To the children 
who we pray for daily, we say: 
Your long night is coming to an end.

Hold on. We are on our way.

And to those captors and perpetrators,
even you monsters who dare offend God’s
precious children, we declare to you:

Be afraid. We are coming for you.

To those who have read this far,
we plead with you: Donate to our cause.

Donate. We can’t do this without you.”

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