Real Health Ideas

This page is dedicated for any alternative health recipe; from personal care to herbal tinctures. You will also find workshop notes from talks I have given, as well as any wholistic health tips based on my personal experience.  The recipes here are ones that I have used and do use in my own home.

Natural Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Natural Medicine Cabinet Part 2

Herbal Remedies for Baby

Overcoming Colic Naturally

Dr. Mom Medicine Cabinet Supply List

Basic Herbs for Common Ailments

Herbal Tinctures

Pregnancy Tea Tincture

Medicinal Tea Blends

Making Nutrient Dense Teas Easy

Natural Healing Formulas

Dr. Christopher’s Plague Remedy Video Tutorial

Fermented Probiotic by SCD tutorial/Juice Fast Information

Healing Naturally (and workshop notes):

The Concept of True Health

Digestive Issues During Pregnancy – post including low hcl and remedies

If Mama is Healthy, Everyone is Healthy – detox, rebuild, and healing tips

Real Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight with a Real Foods Lifestyle

Healing the Pancreas

Healing Oils of the Bible (workshop notes)

Special Healing Diets:

Yeast/Recovery Diet – Yeast Cleanse Supplements, Protocol and Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Similar to GAPS the last stages