Probiotic Raw Chocolate Milk

My boys have been hooked on making themselves some healthy chocolate milk in the mornings as a quick breakfast before I am able to get them something more filling. Getting their chores and major educational studies out of the way for the day, we then usually have a bigger brunch with some sort of eggs, or soaked oatmeal, sprouted toast, or other sprouted breads. I decided to sneak in a few extras to their regular chocolate milk, and swap out the sucanat for raw honey. I also added in whey to get them some good probiotics first thing, and the coconut cream for the amazing benefits of healthy coconut fat.

Making your own chocolate milk is beyond better then buying some store bought mix. For one, you never know what kind of processing they used on the cocoa, and a lot of cocoas are processed incorrectly, rendering them unhealthy. Using a raw cacao ensures that all the nutrients and antioxidants are still intact and able to be utilized the way they were designed. Also, you can control how much sugar your children are getting and what kind. The only kind of sugars that are acceptable to the body of a growing child are those that are unrefined, unbleached and minimally processed, raw honey, or stevia (properly processed). All other sugars can cause a host of problems. Just look up adverse effects of sugar sometime, you’ll be amazed at the over 100 problems they cause – and who wants that for their children?! Then there’s the possibility of the other “natural flavorings” or preservatives that might be added to the mix. “Natural flavorings” is a catch all that could even contain MSG, among other documented toxins. So much for natural. Can’t trust that label. If it’s made in a factory, it’s a compromise. Sometimes that compromise can be damaging. Sometimes if it’s a rare compromise, you can keep the side effects at bay. But who is willing to risk their health just for convenience? Right, enough ranting, here’s the recipe:


Probiotic Raw Chocolate Milk

serves 5 children and 1 adult

Add all the following into a Blendtec or similar blender:

  • 1 cup coconut cream (or raw cream)
  • 5 cups raw milk
  • 6 tablespoons whey
  • honey and Vanilla Stevia to taste
  • 1/3 cup raw cacao

Blend on low setting for about 20 seconds. Too high of a setting will get you some serious frothy 🙂 Pour into cups, and enjoy!


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