Weekly Menu/Planning

Sometimes it’s helpful to see how others are planning their menus and dinners. I know it inspires me to try something new, or maybe tweak my daily food plans to see what others are cooking. Hope this is useful:

Sunday (evening prep work)

  • start sourdough bread and put in fridge


Day to do’s

Dinner: Ratatouille (with veggies and our own eggs – will post recipe soon!), Fresh Baked Bread, Salad and Kombucha

Prep: Soak beans, Start sourdough bread and put in fridge, freshen sourdough


Day to do’s

  • Bake bread
  • Start tortillas
  • Simmer beans all day in crock

Dinner: Bean Tortillas, Salad, Kombucha

Prep: none


Day to do’s

  • Bake gluten free cookies
  • Put chicken and sweet potatoes in dutch oven

Dinner: Baked Chicken, Homemade Gravy, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Salad, Kombucha

Prep: none


Day to do’s

  • Bake gluten free muffins
  • Freshen sourdough
  • Check kombucha/bottle if ready/Make fresh batch (I do 4 gallons to tide us over for a week)

Dinner: Bean and Quinoa Bowls (will post recipe – they’re like tacos without the shells, and using quinoa instead of rice)

Prep: start pizza sourdough and put in fridge


Day to do’s

  • Freshen spelt sourdough for pancakes
  • Bake pizza crusts, and use the rest of dough for bread

Dinner: Veggie Pizza, Chicken Sweet Sauce Pizza, Salad, and Kombucha

Prep: Start pasta sourdough and put in fridge, thaw squash for pasta


Day to do’s

  • Roll out pasta and let it dry

Dinner: Tomato Cream Fettuccine (recipe to come), Salad, Garlicky Green Beans, Kombucha

Prep: None


Day to do’s

  • put lamb bones in crockpot with veggies for dinner

Early Dinner: Lamb Stew, Salad, Kombucha


For breakfasts we usually do the same things, just rotating what it is based on how we feel that day. Fare usually includes smoothies, probiotic chocolate milks, leftover pancakes, eggs, toast, soaked oatmeal, breakfast cake, and fresh fruit.

For lunch it’s leftovers, veggie sandwiches, sprouted corn cheese quesadillas, fruit and nut butters, soups, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Snacking we do cocoa squares, or gluten free cookies, fruit, yogurt/kefir smoothies, sourdough rolls/toast, or anything the kids are up to creating themselves. Have a great week!


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