Healthy Treats

Raw Cacao Ice Cream

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream – made with raw cream and coconut milk

Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream –  w/ raw honey and goat milk

Chocolate Cake – with coconut flour

Raw Cacao Clusters

Rich Chocolate Mousse – sugar free, made with stevia

Lemon Coconut Cake – gluten and refined sugar free

Lemon Cake – gluten free, sucanat or coconut sugar

Italian Chocolate Cake – gluten and refined sugar free

Real Ice Cream Recipes

Baby’s First Birthday Cupcakes – sprouted flour, sucanat, cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes – sprouted flour, honey sweetened

Carrot Cake – sprouted flour, sucanat


Nourishing “Magic” Shell Chocolate Topping – with coconut oil

White Chocolate Sauce (sugar cane & dairy free)

Caramel Sauce (dairy & sugar cane free)

Vanilla Sauce (dairy and cane sugar free)

Coconut Frosting (refined sugar free)

Marscapone Frosting and Chocolate Ganache (refined sugar free option)

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